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Dr. Anju Mathur
Dr. Anju Mathur

Los Angeles HCG Doctor, Dr. Anju Mathur, specializes in Anti-Aging Medicine and HCG Weight Loss, and she has helped numerous men and women prevent the effects of aging and weight gain in order to lead healthier, happier lives.

Dr. Mather has used bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, nutritional therapies, and the HCG Diet to help her patients battle the effects of aging and meet their weight loss goals.

When Dr. Mathur encounters patients that are having difficulties losing weight, she consults with them to see if they are candidates for the HCG Diet. The diet is for people who have 20 pounds of weight or more to lose and who have a Body Mass Index of over 20 %.

Once it is determined that the patient will begin the HCG Diet, she gives them guidance and one-on-one support for the duration they are on the diet.

Because of the possible complications that can arise with using the HCG Diet, Dr. Mathur supervises her patients’ progress and makes necessary adjustments when they are needed, and when the diet is finished, she advises patients how to keep the weight off.

The HCG diet uses the hormone Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone released by the female body when it is pregnant that allows fat stores to be utilized as a source of nutrition in the event there is a food shortage.

When the hormone is used in a person who is not pregnant, it can burn through fat stores if the person is following a low calorie diet, and because the body is obtaining nutrition from the fat, it prevents the body from consuming lean muscle as a source of energy.

Usually, when a person does not eat enough food, the body aims on breaking down muscle tissue because it contains protein, and protein is the body’s most immediate source of energy.

While taking the hormone, patients must follow a low calorie diet to obtain results, and once the excess fat has been burned away, the diet should be stopped in order to maintain lean muscle mass and structural fats needed for healthy living.

Once the reserve fats are burned up, the body will start eating away the healthy fats, and this can cause patients to gain the weight back because the body will go into survival mode.

Fat is necessary for healthy brain function and for supporting organs and other tissues, and it is important to retain a healthy amount.

Countless men and women have been able to lose weight and keep it off after doing the HCG diet. In meeting their weight loss goals, they have been able to prevent many of the diseases associated with obesity, which include heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, and liver disease.

Dr. Mathur also offers a number of other wellness services to meet the needs and goals of her patients. Many of them incorporate the latest medical advances and findings and have helped patients increase their quality of life.

 Patient Testimonial

“Anju has helped me lose 20 lbs in one month by just change in diet. I was voraciously hungry before and had lots of losses on any kind of a diet. With the proper supplements and diet the weight is dropping off fast. I am so grateful. I am not hungry or starved doing this. Thank you Anju for a job well done.”Frank 

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