HCG Diet Program for Women

Whittier California HCG Injections Specialist, Alija Ali, D.O. provides customized HCG Diet programs for women that want to reach their weight loss goals. Dr. Ali has found that many women who have tried various other weight loss programs find long lasting success with HCG injections.

The HCG diet utilizes a naturally occurring hormone that occurs during pregnancy to help the body perform at optimal metabolic levels and function more efficiently. With the use of the HCG hormone, the body is able to access fat deposits that have been previously inaccessible. By losing weight with the HCG diet your overall body composition can return to a balanced state.

Dr. Ali has used customized HCG Diet programs to help countless women in Whittier and the Greater Los Angeles area lose a substantial amount of fat in a short period of time. The HCG diet allows for fat reduction while retaining muscle mass. Women who have successfully followed the diet have lost up to around a pound of fat each day, losing as much as 30 pounds in one round of the HCG diet protocol.

Love this place. I’ve been going to them for 10 months now and have lost 60lbs. They always go above and beyond to meet my needs. I’ve used many of their services and but I love their medical weight loss program.

One of the most important aspects of this diet is the feeling of self confidence that the HCG diet gives the participants.

Some benefits achieved by women with the HCG Diet:

Decreased Risk of Diabetes
Lowered amounts of fat and sugar intake decrease the amount of stress put on the pancreas, which is responsible for secreting insulin.
Healthier Liver Function
Fat deposits can build up in the liver and interfere with its ability to clean the blood. A fatty liver can occur due to a poor diet, and after time, the deposits can cause scarring and lead to cirrhosis.
Improved Heart Health
Excess amounts of fat can constrict blood flow, which puts more stress on the heart. When there is less fat and constriction, blood can flow through the heart easier.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
The use of HCG can help because, often, women with PCOS no longer experience symptoms after pregnancy because of the hormonal involvement with the syndrome.
Regular Menstrual Cycles
A woman’s period may become irregular due to increased body fat, which can interfere with hormone balance.

To guarantee sustained weight loss, women need to find a way to retrain their bodies to lose weight the correct way. Whittier California HCG Injections Specialist, Alija Ali, D.O. has helped vast numbers of women lose weight, keep it off, and return to a more fulfilling and vibrant life.

To learn more about weight loss with the HCG Diet, contact Whittier California HCG Injections Specialist, Alija Ali, D.O. to schedule a FREE consultation.